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July 22 through August 8, 2002

Anitra Redlefsen, M.S.


The Summit Artspace Summer Arts Project was a joint project among the Summit County Youth Employment for Success Program, The Akron Area Arts Alliance, and Anitra Redlefsen, M.S. (artist and instructor). The project took place from July 22 through August 8, 2002 at Summit Artspace in Akron, Ohio. The project involved the youth’s in the job program creating art for this building’s renovation and opening to the public mid-September, 2002. The artists were from Akron Public Schools and Barberton Public Schools.


  1. Learn the terminology and application of the following art principles: design, composition, color mixing and paint handling.

  2. Learn and experience the basic principles of photography as it relates to the above.

  3. View, experience and learn about the two basic forms of art, realism and abstraction.

  4. Learn and experience the job/occupation of an artist.

  5. Learn how to manage a project, from initial idea to a work of art.

  6. Study of a master or contemporary artist. (We studied: Hans Hofmann, Frank Stella, Mark Rothko, Chuck Close, David Zeldis.)

  7. Keep a record of learnings and experiences in an Art Journal.

  8. Learn how to mat and frame a photograph.

  9. Create an individual painting.


  1. Painted an 8 foot by 12 foot mural (reference: Hans Hofmann’s, “The Lark”), acrylic on primed dry wall, title: “The Living Room.”

  2. Outdoor walking tour and photo shoot of downtown Akron.

  3. Matted and framed an 8” x 10” color photo enlargement.

  4. Created and painted an 11” x 14” acrylic painting on canvas board (abstraction from the photo).

  5. Created an art journal, recording experiences and learnings.

  6. Attended sessions at the Summit Arts Center, approximately 3 hours each for eight days.

Quotes from the Artists

July and August, 2002

I learned…

“… that art is on and in everything.”

“… architecture is very beautiful in its own way and anything could be art.”

“Art is helpful in many ways, such as using it as symbols.”

“Art can be real or not real. It is still art in people’s eyes.”

“I can draw and work with others very well. And I learned to be more responsible.”

“...about abstract and reality art.”

“...about famous artists and what they do.”

“ far to stand and where to stand to get a good photograph.”

“...that I can paint.”

“...that you are always learning, no matter what.”

“...that everyone is an artist.”

“...that you don’t notice things if you are driving by or even walking by it if you don’t have a camera.”

“I enjoyed walking around Akron and finding a beautiful Akron.”

My goal is…

“I want to learn about art. I would like to experience new things.”

“ experience this project and better my art skills.”

“I would like to make good art work.”

“ I am going to be a counselor and maybe I can draw and paint pictures for the kids. Maybe my room will be pretty and colorful and that can help release one of the kid’s stress.”

“ get this done in a well manner and right; my interests are to see how much I can learn from that experience.”

“I want to work with handicapped children and art could be a way to communicate with them.”

“…to make this building look nice so it can become an art museum.”

“ make this a pretty place for kids and adults to come and enjoy themselves”


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Click images below to see larger versions

Summit Artspace mural wall, before the mural!

Summit Artspace mural wall, "after!"

"The Living Room"
8' x 12'
Mural on primed drywall, 2002

Paul Carr
Tunisia Cooper
Aramis Cox
Heather Evans
Brittany Harris
Terry Hill
David Horton
Aubrey Martin
Rochelle McLane
Slade Morgan
Crystal Murphy
Seirra Pryor
Crystal Pryor
Cathy Vue
Alesia Weaver
Anastasia Wyatt

A joint project sponsored by:
Akron Area Arts Alliance
Summit County Youth Employment For Success Program
Anitra Redlefsen, M.S., Artist and Instructor

Summit Artspace hallway, before.

Summit Artspace hallway, after!

The hallway, after, close up of one artist's photography and painting.

Artist: Aramis

"The Next Best Thing"
8" X 10"
Color photo, 2002

"The Best Thing"
11" x 14"
Acrylic on canvas board, 2002

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