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The summer of 2008 will always be memorable for me and Dain because we have never done so many workshops in so short a time:

  • 29 workshops in 11 weeks
  • 8 venues/locations in Northeast Ohio
  • over 400 participants

My private students, ages 6-79, also came for lessons during the summer, so, it was exciting and fun!

Again, it is my joy to do art (and with other subjects integrated) with so many diverse, talented and special students in schools, summer camps, organizations, museums, etc. My private students are really special; I have the privilege of watching them grow up and become mini master artists and fine young men and women. One student who went on to graduate with honors from the Virginia Marti School of Fashion Design is already employed in Cleveland. One is in her second year of college, majoring in visual art and education. This year, one is starting college, majoring in theatre, and another is going on to college to major in voice. (I kid them that they are “going over to the other side!” Ha!) I am very proud of all my students, present and past, and as I always tell them: “When you are famous, I get in to your exhibit/performance/whatever free!”

A picture (or two!) says more than a thousand words, and here are some memorable ones from the summer of 2008!


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ParkWorks Cleveland

Visual Art and English Language Arts Workshop

Lorain County Community College

Painting and Flower Planting Workshop

Medina Meadows Nursing and Rehabiltation Center

Photography Workshop

Summit County Youth Employment For Success

Photography Workshop

Jewish Community Center

Collage and Christian Symbols, Camp Reflections

St. Francis Xavier Church

Kite Workshop

University Settlement

Photography and Journal Keeping Workshop

Summit County Juvenile Court System

Private Students

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