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A. Program Title:

"Click! Click! Click!"

English Language Arts and Visual Art Integrated Learning Activity

B. Program Description:

What comes to mind when you hear"“click, click, click"? A camera! Students learn about the photographic techniques of composition, angle and light. They learn about the power and importance of the visual image to persuade, tell a story, inform, record and express, and how these relate to history, culture, world and personal events. Students take photographs, prints are made, students are engaged in a discussion about the photos, and create a variety of photographic compositions, including the art form of photomontage.

C. Program Length:

Professional Development Workshop for Teachers ~ 2 1/2 to 3 Hours

Student Workshop or Residency ~ Two to three classroom periods

D. Maximum Audience Size: 25

E. Available Dates: All year

F. Grade Level: Grades K-4, adaptable 5-12 And Professional Development Workshops for Teachers

G. Curriculum Correlation:

Visual Arts
2. Creative Expression and Communication
3. Analyzing and Responding
4. Valuing the Arts/Aesthetic Reflection
5. Connections, Relationships and Applications

English Language Arts
3. Reading Process: Concepts of Print
6. Writing Process
10. Communications: Oral and Visual

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