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Anitra Redlefsen, M.S.

All would agree that flinging paint around, dripping it, smooshing it, and letting it run according to its own will is a most freeing experience! At our Jackson Pollock party we painted any surface we could get our hands on; sneakers, t-shirts, socks, ourselves, paper, canvas, canvas board. We did three collective paintings, one on canvas, one on paper and one that consisted of multiple canvas boards. With the latter, each piece had the same beginning title and each had a separate number, much like Jackson would have titled them. For example, the first was titled: ôSummer, 2001: 1 of 12, the second, Summer 2001, 2 of 12, and so forth. Each participant got to take one or more panels of the collective composition home to keep, as well as their other creations. We also studied his life and his work, watched the video "Jackson Pollock: Portrait of an Artist" and took "The Quiz." Pictures speak louder than words, so, here is what the day looked like! Enjoy!
-Anitra Redlefsen


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