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Trick or treat, I think youíre neat
as far as goblins go.
With scary screams that fill your dreams,
and fiery eyes that glow! Whoa!

Trick or treat, itís a great feat
to haunt on hollowís night;
and if youíre shrewd (but donít be rude)
youíll be a spooky fright!

Tick or treat, you canít be beat
as far as goblins go.
You are the best and Iíll attest
youíre the coolest goblin I know!

Have a Frrrrightful Halloween!

Anitra Redlefsen
5 1/2Ē x 4 1/4Ē
Linocut on paper and mixed media

Goblin: a bizarre, elfin creature of folklore, thought to work mischief; also, a haunting ghost.

© copyright Anitra Redlefsen, 2002

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