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"Garden Silent"

In the Garden Silent
each falling leaf strikes its own note.
And when the wind is right
the acappella song begins.
The pastel shadows hug lingering summer beauties,
now a softer hue in the autumn light.
In the Garden Silent
memories fill empty pots
and rich, earthy smells fill the brain with a heady scent.
Every sound is heard,
even the “no sound” of a drowsy, yawning earth.
The afternoon stays forever in the Garden Silent,
wrapped up in God’s glow.
Tall trees still dressed in apricot, peach, tangerine, scarlet, lemon yellow and ochre see fewer birds now,
but serve as bright beacons in the landscape against those blue, blue autumn skies. Some days are move lavender and gray;
misty, rainy and nostalgic
in the Garden Silent.
These too are happily embraced with lazy mornings that linger through the afternoons.
The world could not be more “down to earth” in the Garden Silent now;
nor more at peace with the Inner Landscape.

"Autumn Tree"
Color Photograph Anitra Redlefsen, 2004

Poem © Anitra Redlefsen

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