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"Drizzly Day"

What a drizzly day today—

clouds that just won’t go away.

But out we go, there’s much to do

before our drizzly day is through.

Sounds to hear and sights to see—

quite a serendipity!

For drizzly days can be most fun

while waiting for the yellow sun.

Drizzly days invite you to

see beyond the drizzly dew.

Little droplets hug the trees

and sway so softly in the breeze.

Carolina Wrens do chirp

while Robins from their snacks do burp.

Grasses growing silently

while buds are bursting on every tree.

A grey but sparkly glow unfurled

brightens up our drizzly world.

So “drizzle forth” and have some fun

while waiting for that yellow sun!

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Color photograph © Dain Redlefsen

Poem, © Anitra Redlefsen, 2005

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