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The Greenleaf Way Gallery Artist - Miranda

Miranda is eight years old and in the third grade. She started lessons at the Greenleaf Way studio in October of 2008. Since that time she has completed over 18 different works of art in both oil and acrylic paints, collage, India ink, acrylic inks and clay. Miranda keeps a sketch book, and it is filled with beautiful drawings of animals and other things. In her sketches and paintings, Miranda includes a sense of perspective, using touching and overlapping objects to create a realistic and three dimensional composition. Miranda always completes a detailed sketch first before embarking on a painting of that subject. She is never shy or afraid of trying out new things, and often sings while she works! Her work is detailed, colorful, expressive and happy ~ just like her! And I love it that she likes wearing dresses!

~ Mrs. R.

Mrs. R. So, Miranda, why do you like art?
Miranda: Because someday I want to be a great artist and the best artist that the state has ever known. I will become famous and go to a school for famous artists.
Mrs. R. What kind of art interests you?
Miranda: Well, I guess oil painting. I like realistic art because you can tell what it is.
Mrs. R. What is your best art form?
Miranda: Mostly painting so far.
Mrs. R. What is your favorite color?
Miranda: Orange
Mrs. R. What else can you tell me about yourself?
Miranda: I go into the playroom and play my Hanna Montana games. I like to watch TV and write a story about a movie like about the Wizard of Oz. I am going into the third grade. I have a lot of friends that I like to spend time with. I also like to play softball and I take guitar lessons.
Mrs. R. Tell me about your pets.
Miranda: I have a black Lab named Eich. Be Be is another black lab. Liberty is a sheltie, and Renegade is Sheltie too. He is always playful. Cadbury is a rabbit we got this past Easter, he is white with red eyes. Tammy is a really shy grey cat. Tommy is another grey cat who eats special food. Timmy is a grey cat with a fat tummy and is not playful at all. Simon is a white and dark grey cat who sometimes gets into trouble.
Mrs. R. At this interview, I see that doing are doing a painting of a caterpillar. Tell me about it.
Miranda: I decided to paint a caterpillar because it is colorful and I knew that it would be a great picture.
Mrs. R. Is there anything that you donít like about art?
Miranda: Sometimes clay, it gets under my nails and I have to really wash my hands a lot.
Mrs. R. What is your favorite painting and why?
Miranda: The Robin painting, when I drew it, it was like a masterpiece and I knew that it would be a great painting. I really like the worm. I gave this painting to my grandmother.
Mrs. R. Besides becoming a famous artist, what else would you like to be when you grow up?
Miranda: A rock star because I really like singing, it is my passion!
Mrs. R. What is your favorite food?
Miranda: Mac and cheese and lasagna.
Mrs. R. What advice do you have for other young artists such as yourself?
Miranda: Love what you do and have fun doing it because your art needs happiness to be a work of art!

Click HERE for a slide show of Miranda's art!

"The artist is not a special kind of man, but every man is a special kind of artist."
~ Meister Eckert, German Theologian, 1260-1327

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