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The Greenleaf Way Gallery Artist - Lucas

Lucas is in the third grade and has been creating art in the Greenleaf Way Studio for two years. He works in a variety of mediums, including clay sculpture, painting, and drawing. I spoke with Lucas recently about art; here is a summary of our conversation!

Mrs. R. So, Lucas, why do you like art?

Lucas: I like to draw. I like to see the stuff in Mrs. R.ís studio and get ideas for art.
Mrs. R. What kind of art interests you?
Lucas: Anything scary, funny, goofy and silly all mixed together!
Mrs. R. What would you say is your best art form?
Lucas: I like drawing things that tell stories.
Mrs. R. What is your favorite color?
Lucas: Scarlet
Mrs. R. What else can you tell me about yourself?
Lucas: Well, my favorite pastimes are reading, watching TV, taking naps and playing video games. My favorite movie is Spider Man III. My favorite movie character is Anakin Skywalker.
Mrs. R. I understand that you have some pets, tell me about them.
Lucas: Well, I have four pets, all boys. First there is Max, the 12 year old ferret. Then Chester and Chuse (dogs) who are brothers. Chester is 3 days old and Chuse is one year old. Lastly there is Joy, who is 7 months old.
Mrs. R. Tell us about the web site that you created.
Lucas: My web site is I invite everyone to visit it to see the foo-foos. There are a lot of them on my web site. I donít see that many any more, as they have recently taken a trip to Japan. I do see my Grandmaís pet foo-foo, Elvis Piersley, and my pet foo-foo, Twee-twee. I think my web site is pretty and relaxing also. I hope everyone likes my web site!

Mrs. R.ís notes: Lucas has excellent observation skills that he uses when he draws. Stories are created from memory, and still lifeís usually have a reference, like a dinosaur or objects in the studio. Lucas composes and illustrates interesting and complex stories that both inform and entertain. As you can see from the studio photos of Lucas, he concentrates as he creates and likes to celebrate when he is finished! Lucas and I hope that you enjoy these photos and that you get inspired to create!

From Lucasís Mom, Rosanna: Lucas loves to create pictures and stories. His creativity and imagination have provided me the opportunity to view the world from a unique perspective. He encourages out of the box thinking that is uninhibited by practicalities. I have learned so much from him. Everyday is a new adventure and I look forward to sharing many more with him. It is exciting to think of what's to come!

From Lucasís Grandma, Melanie: Lucas has a profound sense of adventure. Some days the entire day is an adventure. Take for instance, our treks into the RA-vine. Many exciting things lay in the ravine (between our yard and Mrs. R's), waiting to be discovered. Every insect, reptile, mushroom takes on new significance. Some are not what they appear to be, but are almost always explainable scientifically by Lucas. Those that cannot be explained scientifically are explained by Lucas' view of how they are explainable. Smooth rocks and white puffball mushrooms become dinosaur eggs; the lack of sun makes the area primordial forest, capable of any growth. We find the things and bring them home, never knowing what they'll turn into!

Click HERE for a slide show of Lucas' art!

"The artist is not a special kind of man, but every man is a special kind of artist."
~ Meister Eckert, German Theologian, 1260-1327

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