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Lesson Plan - What’s It Going to Be?
Bringing from home an object that is no longer needed or that can be recycled, students “transform” the object into a visual work of art. Each student uses that object and various art materials to make the art work, and then creates a literary piece that explains the purpose of the art work and deepens their understanding of problems and solutions for preserving our world.

Lesson Plan - Thingamajig
With this art project, students are provided with a steel can, magnets, magnetic items (hardware, paper clips, etc.) and colorful non-magnetic items that can be affixed to the can with magnets. Students are encouraged to be creative and to explore a variety of materials with which to create a unique assemblage!

Story - Mr. Go Green
This is the story of Mr. Go Green (see photo above), a 26” x 26” x 58” assemblage created last year by Quinn Gerney, one of my private students. Mr. Go Green was created with recycled materials with the purpose of inspiring and motivating others to recycle and to help preserve the planet...

Projects - Things You Can Do
These are some projects that can be done in the classroom or at home and Earth Week is a perfect time to do them!

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