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This Bright Idea works in any kind of student or workshop environment. The Artist Workstation provides a place for each student to work on his or her art project. When students are finished with their work, the Workstation opens up to become an Artist Portfolio where all the students' works of art can be placed.

Here are the instructions!

  1. Select a two-fold piece of newspaper, as shown here.

  2. Close it up along the fold, making it now a double, single sheet.

  3. Turn the newspaper upside down so that the printing is upside down. This helps to keep students from "reading the newspaper" as they work, as they sometimes will do!

  4. Students can write their names at the top of the Workstation with a marker, or, as I do when I have a large number of students, I hot glue a prepared name tag at the top upon which the students write their names. If I have multiple classes, I choose a different color for each class to keep the Workstations separated by class.


  5. Hot glue the student art surface(s) to the Workstation.

  6. Students can then create their artwork using the Workstation as a sort of place mat. This is particularly helpful if you are using paint as it keeps the art work and the paint confined to the newspaper area.


  7. If the art project is not completed within one session, the Workstations can be collected and piled up, or, put on the drying rack to dry in between sessions.

  8. When students are completed with their projects, unfold the newspaper Workstation, place all art work inside, and fold the Workstation back up again.

  9. Voila! You now have the Artist Portfolio!

Note: This Bright Idea is available as a PDF. Download HERE.

Perfect for projects that are not completed within one classroom or workshop session, and also great for collecting completed projects over a period of time, like, summer camp projects!


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