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I received a newsletter from Andrea ~ ~ with a great project that I HAVE to pass along to everyone! This is hard to believe, but at my ripe old age of, ah hem, well, whatever, in my lifetime, I had never cut out a snowflake! I have always thought of cutting snowflakes as some mysterious, secret thing only few people knew how to do. Andrea showed me how simple and awesome cutting can be! Of course, it is all in the folding! Why didn’t I know that? Anyway, here are some "refresher" basics ~ this is an activity for both big and little kids, so have fun! Little kids can have some milk and cookies, the big kids can have a glass of wine and lots of fun at a holiday gathering!
  1. Provide standard sizes of paper ~ I chose 6" squares and 6 1/2 rounds. I drew the circles using the perimeter of a gallon paint can. You can find something around the house to draw your circles.
  2. For the squares, fold four or five times, matching opposite corners. For the circles, start with folding it in half, then more.
  3. Do your cutting, open, and voila!
  4. You can do your snowflakes on plain white paper or color papers. I made one snowflake using origami paper that has a color on one side and is white on the other side. Kind of cool.
  5. . You can also "decorate" your snowflake using glitter, etc.
  6. Make a stand to display your snowflake ~ we used some wood pieces (about 5" square) spray painted black. Drill a small hole, insert a piece of wire (about 12”) and bend it slightly at the end to make a "hook."


For more ideas, visit Andrea's web site for snowflakes:

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