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Alisha, Age 12
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Celebrate Groundhog Day with a BINGO Game!
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1. Another name for a groundhog is:

A. hogwarts
B. Bunkey
C. woodchuck

2. The scientific name for a groundhog is:

A. marmota monax
B. wingardium leviosa
C. merci beaucoup

3. Groundhogs can be found:

A. in your garden
B. throughout North America (especially in the East) and Canada
C. at the mall
D. both A & B

4. Groundhogs have teeth (incisors) that keep growing; therefore, groundhogs:

A. go to the dentist regularly
B. wear down their teeth by chewing
C. have dentures

5. Groundhogs like to eat (no, this is not a true/false question!):

A. fruits and veggies, grasses, clovers
B. Pizza, double woodchips, no pepperoni
C. at MacDonalds

6. A grown groundhog measures about one and one half to two feet long, including his tail, which is about one-forth his total length; his weight will be about:

A. 6 - 11 pounds
B. 98 pounds
C. enough to sink a whale

7. The underground place where groundhogs live is called a:

A. hoghouse
B. den
C. townhouse
D. burrow
E. both B & D

8. Groundhogs have both summer and winter dens; the winter dens (for hibernation) are built in dry, wooded areas, several feet deep. The summer dens are less deep and are near:

A. places where food is plentiful
B. Gryffindor
C. a grocery store

9. During hibernation, groundhogs fall into a very deep sleep and their heart rates slow and body temperatures can drop to just below freezing. Hibernation takes place from about:

A. February 2 to February 4
B. September/October thru March/April
C. June to July

10. In the spring, when the male groundhog comes out of hibernation, he immediately seeks a female with whom to mate. When found, they share the den until the female is ready to give birth, when she:

A. drives him out of the den; he is not allowed back and takes no part in the care and raising of the young
B. asks him to go get pickles
C. goes to the hospital

11. Groundhogs have only one litter per year, and each litter will have about:

A. 50 cubs
B. between 3 and 5 cubs
C. one set of twins, not identical

12. When groundhogs are born, they are very small, have no fur and are blind. The female nurses them for about 6 weeks, and then when they can eat on their own, she will:

A. take them to a pediatrician
B. enroll them in nursery school
C. move each cub to a different den, leave it, and check on it periodically

13. Groundhogs will climb trees with their sharp claws to escape predators, which include:

A. bears, wolves, foxes, dogs and humans
B. Mr. & Mrs. Dursley
C. trolls

14. Some groundhogs don't survive a very cold hibernation, many groundhogs are killed by cars. But, if they eat well and remain safe, groundhogs will live for:

A. several years
B. only for today
C. till they can collect social security

15. Groundhogs will get vocal when provoked or feel threatened; some species are more vocal than others, but by and large, groundhogs are:

A. terrific trumpet players
B. so loud you can't hear yourself think
C. pretty quiet

16. Although groundhogs generally do not come out of hibernation until spring, the "official" date for Groundhog Day is:

A. February 2
B. March 17
C. December 24

17. When the first settlers arrived in the area known today as Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, they brought with them from Europe the tradition of Candlemas Day. They believed that if the sun shone on Candlemas Day, and a hedgehog would cast a shadow, that there would be another six weeks of winter.

A. True
B.. False

18. The Punxsutawney Spirit newspaper is credited with printing the first news observance of Groundhog Day in:

A. 1993
B. 1492
C. 1886

19. What is your prediction for this year's Groundhog Day:

A. Phil will see his shadow
B. Phil will NOT see his shadow

Note: Previous stats can be viewed here:

20. Groundhogs spend the summer eating a lot! Explain in your own words why they do so.
Many thanks to the folks at this web site for the information upon which I based this quiz!

Click here for Groundhog Day Activities

Click here for Groundhog Day Poems

Click here for Reasons to Celebrate Groundhog Day

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