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intro >> writing >> groundhog day! > reasons to celebrate

GROUNDHOG DAY > reasons to celebrate

Three reasons why anyone and everyone should celebrate Groundhog Day:

1. You can soon put away your winter coats

2. You can soon wear shorts

3. If it becomes a big enough holiday we might get to skip school

~ Amanda #1, Age 12


1. It represents hope for the upcoming spring/summer and basically for the whole future, and for people to look forward to the good things that might possible happen

2. It give people a reason to celebrate and make merry!

3. Groundhogs are so darn cute!.

~ Two Socks Artist, Age 14


1. Take worries off your mind

2. Have fun playing

3. Talk and play with friends

~ Alisha, Age 12


1. He is one of the most important animals in the U.S.A

2. Groundhogs are cute

3. Most people love Spring

~ Amanda #2, Age 12

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