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Frida Look-A-Like Paintings

To understand or experience Frida Kahlo's painting is to experience her life---her passions, relationships, heritage, pains, her dreams.

My intent with these Frida "look-a-like" paintings was to get a sense of how she used color, applied paint, and chose her subject matter.

Most of her paintings were small (12" x 15") and I choose formats much larger and canvas as a surface (vs. Frida's wood or tin panels). In one instance ("The Flower Basket"), I chose to do only a portion of her original painting. I also chose to keep such things as flowers or fruit in the "ripe" or "beautiful" stage versus a decaying stage, as Frida often did, which was a metaphor and expression of her declining health.

As all of the great masters had once done, learning to paint in the style of those who had come before them, I found this experience enlightening!

I hope you enjoy these paintings!

Note: To view Frida’s paintings of those I created, see the section, "About Her Work."

The Look-A-Like Paintings

"Remembering Frida: Still Life With Parrot"
22" x 20"
Oil on Canvas, 2007

Detail of above

"Remembering Frida: Flower of Life"
18" x 28"
Oil on Canvas, 2007

Detail of above

Detail of above

"Remembering Frida: The Frame"
18" x 26"
Oil on Canvas, 2007

Detail of above

Detail of above

"Remembering Frida: The Flower Basket"
20" x 24"
Oil on Canvas, 2007

Detail of above

Detail of above

"Remembering Frida: Viva La Vida"
24" x 22"
Oil on Canvas, 2007

Note: This was the last painting that Frida made. Only a few days before her death did she put the inscription (the work's title) on the watermelon.

Detail of above

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