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Frida Fiesta Photojournal ~ August

Frida and Diego’s Wedding Photo, August 26, 1929 Magdalena Carmen Frida Calderon Kahlo and Jose Diego Maria Rivera were married August 26, 1929. She was 22 years old, he was 42. She was about 100 pounds, he was 300 pounds! Frida's mother called it "a marriage between a dove and an elephant!"

In her book, Frida’s Fiestas, Guadalupe Rivera (Diego’s daughter by his wife before Frida, Lupe Marin) tells her readers that for her wedding, Frida dressed very simply. The terrace of Tina Modotti’s apartment was transformed into a magical, special place with colorful pendants, streamers and paper-mache doves. Lupe prepared much of the food which was eaten with the sole aide of tortillas as Diego believed that silverware was only used by the bourgeoisie! There was Mexican rice, plantains, huauzontles in green and red sauce, chiles stuffed with picadillo, mole and various deserts to compliment the wedding cake. And of course, there was plenty of pulque and tequila!

As described in my Frida Fiesta Photojournal ~ Prelude , I plan to create recipes from Guadalupe’s book, which is organized by month and includes the holidays and events celebrated by the Rivera’s during that month. So for August, their wedding month, I selected two recipes to make ~ chiles stuffed with picadillo, served in tomato broth, and flan. Picadillo it turns out is a stuffing, made with pork, chicken or beef, that has vegetables, fruits and nuts in it. I did not think I would care for the fruit and the nuts, but wow, all the ingredients came together in a very unique flavor, not one overpowering the other. Both Dain (don Diego) and I (Frida) were awesomely surprised!

September 15th is Mexican Independence day and I have already selected what to make! I am really having a great time learning about new foods and flavors! Frida gave Diego Mexican chocolate (to make hot chocolate) and if you have never tried it, do so, it tastes completely different from our American hot chocolate! I have never cooked Mexican before, and it is most fun learning what the words mean in Spanish, how to pronounce them (getting help from my Mexican cookbook author and neighbor, Melanie) and shopping for ingredients that are totally foreign to me. Much like Frida would do, I spent two days preparing for one meal. I had a great time and the end result was delicioso! Here is the menu and the photos ~ enjoy!

Frida and Diego's
80th Wedding Anniversary Celebration!
August 26, 2009
Held on August 28, 2009

Buen Provecho!
Feliz Aniversario!

Viva La Vida!
Viva La Frida!
Viva La Diego!
Viva La T.G.!

Picadillo Stuffed Poblano Chilies, fried

Served in Tomato Broth


Various Libations and Celebrations!

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