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Frida’s Muses ~ Tesoros Antiguos! ~ A Pre-Columbian Art Workshop

Teotihuacan Figure 450 AD – 650 AD

Both Frida Kahlo's and Diego Rivera's art is rich in the symbolism and heritage of their Mexican cultures. Diego spent much of his life collecting thousands of objects: pottery items, stone and jade figures of animals, gods and humans. He built Anahuacalli, a museum in Mexico, to house them. Frida found in these objects ~ tesoros antiguos ~ ancient treasures ~ the imagery which she would repeatedly use in her paintings. Monkeys, parrots, snakes, the hummingbird, skulls, the moon and the sun are just some of the muses that Frida used to "paint herself." Frida herself will host this workshop and share with you how and why she used "tesoros antiguous" in her works. She will inspire you to create your own expressive art works in either inks on 100% cotton papers or in clay! (One medium ~ clay or inks ~ per workshop.)

This is a Redlefsen "Boutique Workshop" ~ participants are limited to 7- 12 per session. All supplies are included and Frida will prepare one of her favorite antojitos ("little whims" or "little cravings") for you! $45 per person.

This workshop can also be adapted for larger audiences, write or email for more details.

Frida's Muses ~ A Pre-Columbian Art Workshop

Detail from:
"My Nurse and I"
Frida Kahlo, 1937

Pre-Columbian figure

Frida Kahlo, 1940

Pre-Columbian Symbol

Student Work
India and acrylic inks
on 100% Cotton Paper

Pre-Columbian Symbol

Student Work
India Ink on 100% Cotton Paper

Pre-Columbian Symbol

Female figure, Nayarit
(200 BC – AD 500)

Pre-Columbian Symbol

Female figure
Student Work

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