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The Greenleaf Way Gallery Artist - Faith

Faith is an artist who resides partly in Wyoming and in Ohio. On her 2007 spring break, she came to the studio to work on a special project for her 5th grade class.

Here is her story.

Anitra: Faith, you said that you wanted to make a life-size, papier-mâché bald eagle. Why did you decide upon this project?

Faith: Well, we are to create a work of art as part of our research project at school, and I chose the bald eagle because I have seen at least seven of them in Wyoming and I think that they are beautiful. They are also a rare bird and we need to protect them.
Anitra: As you look back on this project, what are all the steps that you went through to complete it?
Faith: I did research on how large the eagle is, what color, size of the feet and beak, habits, etc. I knew what I wanted the finished project to look like. Then, at the studio, we:
  • Built a wooden base with two dowel rods; this would be the support for the eagle
  • Formed a body out of chicken wire and stuffed it with newspaper
  • Formed a head out of chicken wire
  • Papier-mâché's the head and the body
  • Papier-machie'd the legs around the dowel rods
  • Crafted the feet, or talons (there are four toes) out of clay
  • Using papier-mâché, we joined the head to the body
  • And made wings and the tail out of cardboard, which we papier-mache'd
  • We attached those to the body with papier-mâché
  • We color mixed paint to get the right color for the feathers, which are a brown-ish black, the head and tail (both white) and feet and beak (yellow)
  • We painted the eagle
Anitra: If you could point out a focal point of the eagle, your sculpture, what would you say that is?
Faith: I think it is the beak and feet, because they are the most different in color (yellow).
Anitra: What elements of design can you point out that you used in your eagle sculpture?
Faith: There was a lot of contrast in color (the brown-ish black, the white and the yellow); there was contrast with the clay, cardboard, chicken wire and papier-mache; some things that are the same are the oval shape of the body and the head and parts of the wings.
Anitra: How does this sculpture make you feel when you look at it?
Faith: It makes me feel excited!
Anitra: Describe in your own words what this sculpture is all about.
Faith: The powerful feeling of America's bald eagle!
Anitra: What things did you learn from doing this project---about art, art techniques, yourself, anything.
Faith: I learned how to do papier-mache.
Anitra: What was the best thing that you enjoyed about doing this project? And why?
Faith: Making it look so real and feeling good about the project.
Anitra: What is the title and size of this sculpture?
Faith: I have to think about the name. It might be: André Bird O'Prey; the size is 21 1/2" x 13" x 9."

Click HERE for a slide show of Faith's eagle!

"The artist is not a special kind of man, but every man is a special kind of artist."
~ Meister Eckert, German Theologian, 1260-1327

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