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Art Projects

Day of the Dead Marigold Sculpture
This project is too cute! Marigolds grow plentifully in Mexico and are an integral part of Dia De Los Muertos ~ Days of the Dead ~ celebrations. On November 1st (for deceased children) and November 2nd (for adults), special altars (offerendas) are prepared for the departed loved ones, adorned with special artifacts and many marigolds, as well as special foods. It is said that the departed are welcomed back each year by the smell of the foods and the marigolds!

MORE Autumn Art Projects
Amazing Acorns Art Project, Acorn "Same But Not The Same", and Acorn Quizzes

Autumn Art Projects
Paint Can Art and Skeleton Masks!.

Teaching Puzzles
Teach your students how to make puzzles.

Creativity Drawing and Painting
Introducing line as the basis for all drawing and painting, encouraging right brain creativity, spontaneity, feeling and responding and introducing elements of value and color mixing.

Groundhog Day Activities
Many activities to help you celebrate Groundhog Day!

Positive/Negative Shapes
One way to achieve harmony in a composition is to repeat positive and negative spaces which vary in size, color, texture or value. Using card stock, construction paper and safety scissors, Anitra Redlefsen walks you and your students through creating cool collages and mobiles in the spirit of Henri Matisse.

Rock and Wire Mobile
A mobile is something that has a life of its own, so its ok to have it be responsive to its environment. (ie, when you move it falls over!) Not to worry! Balance it again. Rearrange the parts until you once again have a balanced and good design. A mobile is flexible, unpredictable, organic, responsive, whimsical, fun and delightful!


Plaster and Wire Sculpture
A Project in Problem Solving, Balance and Creativity.

Plaster Mask
There is an inside and outside to every mask ... an interesting metaphor for one's personality.

Magic Wands
Students will create a magic wand and wand holder.

Expression and Joy
Using the technique of cutting paper, participants will be making positive and negative shapes that will be used to create a composition.

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