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Articles About Art and Education

Redlefsen's Cliff Notes
How students can be more expressive with their art and how to get their creative juices flowing!

Simple and Practical Ways You Can Support the Arts!
Some folks may not know how to get into the swing of things and get involved with the arts. Here are a few easy and painless tips that anyone can do, regardless of how much or how little you currently know about or are involved with the arts!

Supporting Your Child with the Arts
Arts research studies show that children engaged in arts education over time build and demonstrate greater problem solving, decision making, and creativity skills than non-art students...

Festivas Shakers!
These shakers were made for New Year's but you can change designs and colors to go with any holiday or party theme!

Field Trips
It is so thrilling to study a piece of art, even to have done a “look-a-like” of it as a project, and then to stand before the original work in a museum or gallery...

Back to School
Expand your or your child’s opportunities to exercise both sides of the brain through art!

The Healing Power of Art
Answers to the questions: "Do you believe that art can heal physical and/or emotional wounds?" and "Have you ever experienced this?" I not only believe this, I know it...

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