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The People of Akron Create Art!

On March 30, 2001, I saw a spot on the evening news, Channel 3, that they were going into partnership with PAX Channel 23 to bring the local news back to Akron TV. They showed the location of the new studio, which is at the corner of Main and Market streets in Akron. I have been by there dozens of times, it is a great historical building with floor to ceiling windows that face both streets. How wonderful, I thought, if "the people of Akron" could create the artwork for this newly remodeled space.

I contacted Channel 3, they loved the idea. I also contacted the Akron Area Arts Alliance as they are the one umbrella organization for arts in Akron (all the major arts groups are members, the ballet, the college, the symphony, etc.). They liked the idea too, and with their help and support, we brought together 8 local artists and numerous community groups (i.e., United Disabilities Services, Very Special Arts, local school children) to participate in the creation of the mural which depicts the past, present and future of Akron, Ohio.

The total size of the mural is 20 feet long and 12 feet high, consisting of fifteen 4' x 4' panels that are mounted five across and three down. The mural will not only be seen on newscasts, but will be lighted at night to be enjoyed through those floor to ceiling windows.


The Completed Mural!
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